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Injection lipolysis (fat reduction injections)

Small areas of subcutaneous fat can be treated with this new,
non-surgical method of fat reduction injections, instead of liposuction. In "injection lipolysis", a soya bean preparation is injected directly into the areas of subcutaneous fat. After just a few days, a "melting" process begins in the fatty tissue, and the rate of fat breakdown increases.

Fatty tissue does not re-form in the treated area. This means that areas of subcutaneous fat can be lastingly reduced, particularly in parts of the body where sport or diet can no longer exert an influence. These include "saddlebags" on hips and thighs, "love handles" around abdomen and hips, the buttocks, cellulite and a double chin.

This method is particularly suitable for individuals who have localised fatty deposits but are not excessively overweight. Immediately after treatment, swelling, reddening and itching may occur, but these symptoms soon subside. The body reacts most strongly to the first treatment, and with each subsequent treatment the side effects diminish.

Because the subcutaneous fat melts away slowly and gently, the skin also retracts gradually, so there are no surplus skin folds or irregularities in the form of unattractive "dents".

Originally developed in Brazil, this method has already been proven in several thousand treatments, and is now in use worldwide.