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Many women - whether young or old, slim or overweight - know and dread the unsightly cellulite dimples on thighs and bottom, caused by fatty deposits in the subcutaneous tissue. This phenomenon is almost unheard of in men, since, as a result of testosterone (the male sex hormone), their connective tissue has a tighter network of cells, while in women fat cells are in large vertical chambers supported by connective tissue. "Orange-peel" skin is often found even in young girls if they are on the pill, since this suppresses production of male hormones.

The active substances contained in the products recommended by the cosmetics industry are purely cosmetic, and not medicinal. This means that often the results achieved are only mediocre.

In hormone cosmetics, the treatment of choice is androstanolone. This male hormone increases connective and supporting tissue and intensifies the breakdown of fat in subcutaneous fatty tissue.

It is essential for this highly effective treatment to be administered by an experienced medical practitioner, since it can have not inconsiderable side effects if used in the wrong hands or applied incorrectly.

Hormone cosmetic treatment should be supplemented by a programme of physical activity and a balanced diet.

If cellulite is very pronounced, the recommended treatment is injection lipolysis (fat reduction injections) in combination with an androstanolone cream. An additional, particularly promising, treatment to strengthen the connective tissue is amino acid substitution (see also section on amino acids or