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Amino acids

A highly effective innovative form of treatment is individual amino acid substitution.

What are amino acids?

Amino acids are fundamental constituents of all proteins and, as such, are the real building blocks of life.


Only around 20 different amino acids make up the various proteins of which our bodies overwhelmingly consist (in addition to water). They occur in all our bodily tissue and play an essential part in all the processes governing our physical and mental functions.

Not all of those amino acids can be formed by the body. Some of them, known as essential amino acids, must be otherwise supplied to the body. Amino acid deficiency may lead to symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, lack of drive, depression, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, indigestion and increased susceptibility to infections.

Each individual person's amino acid balance is different - just like fingerprints. Our personal need for amino acids is determined by genetic preconditioning, lifestyle, eating habits, exposure to stress, and mental influencing factors.

In the world of sports, a tailor-made combination of amino acids leads to:

  • improved performance
  • increased muscle development and reduced muscle deterioration
  • lengthening of training sessions
  • shortening of the recovery phase
  • increased strength and stamina

An individually prepared aminogram (blood sample required) can help to identify and balance amino acid deficiencies.

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Experience has shown that patients can feel the effects of individual amino acid substitution within a very short space of time and - since true beauty comes from within - these effects are also noticed by those around them.