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Acne therapy

Acne causes much suffering in those affected by it. It can occur at any age and in both sexes. It usually affects the face, back, neck and the upper chest area.

There are many possible causes, which must be identified by means of a detailed patient history and further diagnostic investigations, such as hormone analysis.

Hormone-induced acne

In women, this occurs when receptors are hypersensitive to the male hormone testosterone. In extreme cases, there is also increased hair growth in areas where this is normally typical of men, such as the upper lip, chin or chest area.

This classical acne responds well to the active substance cyproterone acetate CPA gel, which is applied directly and extremely thinly to the skin areas affected.

CPA blocks the male skin receptors, so that the circulating testosterones (male hormones) cannot attack the skin. CPA gel can also be used in the same way to treat increased hair growth.